Tiny Middle Finger

Dear Graduation Campaign

Visual Identity

Graduation campaign for 27 photography graduates from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. The main focus w sas personal approach to the public. Together with the department and the graduating students we developed the concept.

Campaign Website

Royal Academy of Art The Hague
Website collaboration with Lennart Hendriksma

A catalogue with 27 photography graduates that performed as additional eye-candy, rather then being a repetition of the the exhibition itself.

Printed by Rob Stolk

Size: 240 x 340 mm
Edition: 750

During the graduation period, the students organised a Print-Sale to help with their funding. This event cultivated into the collective 'A Print Factory' later that year.

Melkweg Amsterdam
Illustrations by Trobbies

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    Feature: RIP Mondriaan – 📰 NRC Handelsblad Newspaper
    Online: RIP Mondriaan – 📰💻NRC Handelsblad
    Online & TV: RIP Mondriaan – 📺🔰Den Haag TV
    Online: RIP Mondriaan – 💻 Vice Creators NL
    Online: RIP Mondriaan – 💻 Vormplatform
    Online: Started and became members of 💻👪 .zip
    Mural: EKKO Utrecht – 🎨 Hip Hop mural
    Exhibition: EKKO Utrecht, 🎥 HipHop stills videoclip Lit
    Online: 'Instagram uitleen' – 📱Vormplatform. (NL)
    Online & print: Wat nu, Koetsier?! 💻
    Feature: Money, Politics and Bananas – 📕JOIA Magazine #45
    Exhibition: We Are Here FC – 🏬 Nutshuis
    Exhibition: Aftrap #4 – 🏢 ARTrium, the exhibition space of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Security and Justice. Work: Money, Politics and Bananas (NL)
    Online: 💻 It's Nice That
    Feature: Dutch Designers Magazine DUDE – 📙BNO.
    Exhibition: All Hands on Deck, 💈Graphic Design Festival Breda, Breda. (NL)
    Exhibition: 🎓Graduation Show 🎨 Royal Academy Of Arts – Den Haag (NL)
    Online: 'Instagram uitleen' – 📱Vormplatform (NL)
    Exhibition: 'Beeldmakers #1' – 🏭 Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
    Exhibition: 'Carte Blanche' Eddie the Eagle – tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. (NL)
    Student contest: 'Chaumont Design Graphique' 🏁 – Chaumont. (FR)
    Exhibition: 'Chaumont Design Graphique' 🏁 – Chaumont. (FR)
    Exhibition: ‘Ha-Ha-Hapiness’ – 🏢 Depot BG, Amsterdam. (NL)
    Teaching: Graphic Design, 🎓preparation year Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag.
    Exhibition: ‘Whats Inside The Koffer?’ – 💸 Ministry Of Finance, Den Haag. (NL)
    Exhibition: ‘Nature’ – 🎨 Royal Academy Of Arts, Den Haag. (NL)
    Exhibition: ‘Typographical Karaoke’ – 🏢 Depot BG, Amsterdam. (NL)
    Exhibition: ‘Design A Joke’ – Vrije Academie Gemak, Den Haag. (NL)
    Exhibition: ‘Strip A Comic’ – 🎨 Royal Academy Of Arts, Den Haag. (NL)
    Teaching: Graphic Design – 🎨 preparation year Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag.
    Teaching:1-Day Fanzine Creation workshop – 📓 for Preparation Year Royal Academy Of Arts.
    Exhibition: ‘Nutmag’ – 📓 Kabk Store, Den Haag. (NL)

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