De Hele Zomer Zomer
Poster Campaign

Poppodium EKKO asked us to make a summer campaign to communicate the fact that EKKO is open all summer, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hot, hot, hot! We very much like to use cliches ones in a while, since it’s recognizable and clear, and for us a challenge to still make it look sexy, in this case for these sweaty clubnights. In copy we focused on elements which EKKO cannot offer their audience, like the beach, but then as a counter argument... there is EKKO’s Clubnights! (copy only works in Dutch, sorry not sorry)

Client: Poppodium EKKO
Design:Lennarts & De Bruijn
Illustration: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Copywriting: Lennarts & De Bruijn


We make big, bold and beautiful work varying from visual identities to communication design, from online to offline. We are always open for new business and collaborations. 

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