Photography Graduation Campaign

The Ink, the Milk, the Blood is the graduation campaign of 38 photography students of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2017).
    The Ink is the materialisation of the image, it is needed to clarify the vision of the artist. The Milk is a symbol for our artistic nutrition which we need to produce knowledge. With The Blood we refer to the sacrificing that comes with creating our work.
    Together with the students we translated their briefing into a poem and later in a complete visual identity and suiting campaign. In the whole campaign, but especially in the graduation catalogue, we emphasied on the proces, and made it at least as important as the end result. With the publication we’ve intensified this contrast by printing in silver on cheap black paper.

Client: KABK Photography department ‘17
Art Direction: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Graphic Design: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Catalogue printed by: Drukkerij Tielen
Edition: 1000

We make big, bold and beautiful work varying from visual identities to communication design, from online to offline. We are always open for new business and collaborations. 

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