Aka the students. During the Open Day, visitors got the opportunity to become a ‘Local’ themselves.

Concept and design in collaboration with
Tomas Laar

Identity + Campaign
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

For the annually open day of Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), we created the campaign based around the idea of it being a community and its internationality. We decided to call it The State of The Art, as a play on words but also to raise the question if a state can still exist. During this day and age, were are the boundaries? And when are you a local?

Meet the Locals !! Get High on Research !! Double Rainbows !! Explore new Horizons !! Spectacular views !! Crossing borders !!

We’ve supplied every student and teachers with ‘LOCAL sweaters’, every visitor with a foldable map with essential information for every department, bags in the souvenirsshop, navigation through-out the academy, and last but not least; a flag-waving musical supported walk from central station to the academy!

Printed by Drukkerij Tielen
Size: 700 x 500 mm / 85 x 250 mm
Edition: 5.000

From Boomerang to Vice, Glamcult to Facebook, Volkskrant to Mr Motley. If there was room to spam, we took the full opportunity of living in a digital age.

Print, Animations and Stills

Website for The State of the Art Open Day. Contains all information necessary about the Open Day. Including amazing 360 videos we’ve made of every workshop and department!

Campaign website here!

Design by Lennarts & de Bruijn
Coding by Lennarts & de Bruijn


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