Campaign Identity

Starting with a promotional video for the exhibition, we designed the entire campaign around Zeeuws Museum X Das Leben am Haverkamp, resulting in a colorful and playful identity. 

In the early Summer of 2017, the Zeeuws Museum, as instructed by Das Leben am Haverkamp, invites 40 visitors to give a description of 40 randomly selected objects of the museum’s collection out of storage. Objects in the storage rooms are anonymous, without judgment, without a story. It is that anonymity that appeals to the imagination. The subjective descriptions of regional costume, jewellery and household goods induced us to develop a new collec­tion without ever having seen the objects described.
    With this method and the collection Das Leben am Haverkamp aims to create a bridge between past and future, between knowing and fantasizing, between the image of yourself and that of the other.

Volkskrant described it as one of the cultural highlights of 2018. Glamcult said to go see this with your own eyes – “The journey is worth it”. Read about what i-D Vice and VPRO Nooit Meer Slapen had to say about it.

17 February 2018 – 5 May 2019


Client: Zeeuws Museum
Design: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Animation: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Sound: Lennarts & De Bruijn

Promotion video, Animations, Poster, Hand-out, Booklet, Campaign Image.

Hand-out, printed in 4 PMS colors
Size: 480 mm x 690 mm
Printed by Drukkerij Tielen

‘Sharp viewer’ for educational purpose to help children focussing and interact with the playful show of Das Leben Am Haverkamp. One side is to find and connect different objects of the exhibition, the other side is a game to play at home!

Hand-out, printed in 4 PMS colors
Size: 630 mm x 297 mm
Printed by Drukkerij Tielen

Animation video for promotional purposes and on show at the Dutch Design Week and the Exhibition itself, to support the work and energy of Das Leben am Haverkamp.

Full experience = with sound, so unlock mute!

Concept: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Design: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Animation: Lennarts & De Bruijn
Sound Design: Lennarts & De Bruijn

3/8 Animated teasers for the exhibition, for promotional purposes on all social media channels of both the Museum and Das Leben am Haverkamp.

Campaign image and colors by Lennarts & De Bruijn. Opening invitation, designed (Museum Identity) by Hans Gremmen.



Pictures of Exhibition opening by presstigieux


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